Established in the UK in 1993 by Dale Martin, after spending 6 years DJing in the bars and clubs in Rhodes, Greece. On returning to the U.K. we felt the need to try and capture some of that 'holiday atmosphere' that is so often missing from nights out in this country and thus 'Bedrock Discos' was born.

Bedrock Discos specialise in providing discos and entertainment for anything from 18th birthday parties through to large corporate dinner dances. We have a massive catalogue of CD quality music and with the wonders of modern science we have been able to convert even the rarest of vinyl to revive those old memories. In fact, our collection to date, certainly caters for all tastes and ages as our fast growing referral diary continues to grow daily!!

We still remain a one roadshow team as we feel we offer a more personal service. We don't sub let our discos to anybody else and every booking is 100% guaranteed and confirmed in writing.


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